Volunteer Summary

The Kiowa Fire District is considered a “Combination Department” as it is staffed with both career and volunteer personnel.  Volunteers make up the majority of district staffing and were responsible for providing 19,850 hours of service to our community in 2020 alone. These hours saved the district $238,232.  These volunteers answered 406 calls for service in 2020 broken down as follows:

7 Structure Fire

2 Car Fires

18 Grass Fires

206 EMS calls resulting in 160 Transports

12 Motor Vehicle Accidents

7 Police Assists

22 Fire Alarms

12 Police Assists

39 Public Service Assistance

1 Animal Rescue

22 Lockouts

50 Other


Kiowa Fire District volunteers participated in 2400 hours of training.  Subjects include both fire and medical training including vehicle fires, foam evolutions, wildfire, water supply, CPR, fire streams and hazardous materials.  We also held a Firefighter Academy for new firefighters seeking their State of Colorado fire certification.

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