District Information

District Summary: The Kiowa Fire Protection District covers a 324 square mile area of north central Elbert County and is comprised of approximately 95% undeveloped land, 4% residential properties, and 1% commercial properties. The district runs to the county line at County Road 194 on the North. The Eastern boundary is bordered by County Road 125, the Southern boundary is County Road 94 and the Western boundary is County Road 25

(KIOWA_FIRE_MAPS) The Kiowa Fire Protection District has a population of approximately 3,000 permanent residents with approximately two thirds of the population commuting out of the county for work. The district is mainly comprised of rural agricultural lands with low density mixed value housing on lot’s ranging from three acres up to 35 acres. While the fire district is primarily rural, it also encompasses a small downtown area of about a half of a square mile which includes single and multi-story commercial structures, small residential structures, a mobile home park and the Elbert County Fairgrounds. It is anticipated that Elbert County will experience an annual growth rate of 3.63% or an overall growth rate of 191.1% from 2000-2030. This is expected to exceed the growth rate of neighboring Douglas County.

ISO Rating: Due to the efforts to provide greater water, as provided by the Town of Kiowa’s new water system, all the the areas within the Town of Kiowa received a single PPC rating of 3 (Only 8% of departments rated by ISO are a PPC 3 or better.) Areas within 5 miles of Station #1 but do not have a fire hydrant within 1000 feet received a 3x. All areas greater than 5 miles are still classified as a 10.

Stations: The Fire District is covered by two fire stations, Station 221 is located at 403 County Road 45 in downtown Kiowa and Station 222 is located off of County Road 53 approximately 1.5 miles North of County Road 166. Additionally the Fire District maintains an auxiliary structure called the Annex located at the Training Center site, adjacent to Hwy 86 immediately North East of Station #1.

Staffing: The Fire District currently employs a full time Fire Chief, a full time Deputy Chief, a full time Paramedic / Firefighter, a full time Firefighter / EMT,  8 part time firefighters,  and a part time Finance Officer. Additional staffing is supplied by approximately 23 volunteers who reside both in and out of the Fire District, and a fire department Special Services Division of approximately 4 personnel.  All of our volunteers work shifts at the fire station.  Volunteers living in the District also respond to calls from home when available.

Call & Response Profile: Our call volume has consistently increased 10% a year, every year since 2010.

The majority of responses are for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) which accounts for 54% of all calls. Advanced Life Support (ALS) response accounts for approximately 51% of all EMS calls. The District responds to an average of 15 motor vehicle accidents annually, 9.7 calls for structure fires, and 14.3 calls for wildfire/vegetation fires with an annual average total acreage consumed of 400 acres.

Fire Prevention Education: The Kiowa Fire District provides early preschool and elementary school level education services targeting children in both school settings, such as during Fire Prevention Week, and non school event settings, such as community festivals, the annual Community Halloween Party, and out of district events.

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