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Press Release

From the Kiowa Fire Protection District Board of Directors:
This past weekend, Kiowa Fire Protection District Chief Gerry Lamansky suffered a medical
emergency requiring hospitalization and surgery. The surgery was successfully completed and
Chief Lamansky looks forward to a release from the hospital in the near future and a return to
good health and to his duties as Chief.
When advised of this unfortunate circumstance, the Kiowa Fire Protection District Board of
Directors reacted quickly to appoint a temporary successor to the Chief. By Emergency
Resolution, the District Board appointed District employee, Firefighter Austin Garza, to the
position of Acting Assistant Fire Chief and authorized Garza to exercise the powers of Chief
pursuant to State law, as well as exercise command of the daily duties of the Fire Department
and command of all emergency responses.
In addition, the District Board has made alternate arrangements with its part-time emergency
medical personnel to provide coverage for all emergency medical calls within the District. Thus,
even in Chief Lamansky’s absence, the District’s emergency medical response and transport
activities will be covered 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
Further, all adjoining Fire Districts in Elbert County have been advised of this situation. The
Kiowa Fire Protection District has mutual aid contracts with all such Fire Districts and each of
those Districts has pledged their support and assistance in this situation.
The Board offers its prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery to Chief Lamansky and his family.


Chief’s Message

As Fire Chief, I would like to be the first to welcome you to the Kiowa Fire District’s web site. I am extremely proud of this department and invite you to take a few minutes to review our site to learn more about our people and programs. We are pleased to be able to share an overview of our organization with you as we provide a broad spectrum of both emergency and non-emergency services to the citizens of our community.

Our two stations cover 324 square miles of Elbert County in Colorado. We take pride in the delivery of emergency medical services, structural and wild land fire protection, fire prevention and educational services with a genuine commitment to those we serve. Although we are considered a combination department, paid and volunteer members, our organization is 97% volunteer. These services are provided by trained, dedicated and motivated staff of volunteer and career professionals. We recognize the trust you place in us and the responsibility we have in doing the right thing on every incident every day.

Our mission is to make the best use of department resources to provide our community with effective mitigation of fire, rescue and medical emergencies with compassion, integrity and respect for its citizens. The fire department has been undergoing changes to improve our services, promote efficiency and increase community and firefighter safety. Accomplishing these goals at a time when it is imperative to capitalize on every expenditure and opportunity is challenging. We have and will continue to promote collaborative efforts with neighboring fire agencies to facilitate and promote effectiveness.

If you have more interest in the Kiowa Fire Department, and you feel you might make a great addition to our team, whether you live within our District or not, please feel free to contact us through the avenues listed in this website or just stop by Fire Station #1 located in the Town of Kiowa.

Our doors are always open and we invite you to stop by for a tour or if you have a question or a concern.

With Respect,

Gerry Lamansky

Fire Chief

Address Markers

We are currently working on a program to distribute reflective address markers to our community. For a fee of $25 the district will make and install a reflective sign at your residence. These signs will help responders locate your home or business during emergency situations where seconds can make the difference. If you are interested in purchasing an address marker please contact us at 303-621-2233.

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