Fire Suppression and Rescue

Image courtesy of the DOD

The Kiowa Fire District provides a variety of fire suppression and rescue services from our Station 221 in the Town of Kiowa.  All of our structural firefighting personnel receive basic firefighter and hazardous materials training and are then encouraged to complete advanced firefighter training within two years of service.

The District maintains two Type I fire engines for structure, vehicle, hydrocarbon (oil and gas) and other miscellaneous fires.  These engines are also equipped to handle basic hazardous materials spills and rescue scenarios.

One of these engines is equipped with advanced extrication equipment used mostly for motor vehicle collisions.  This equipment can also be deployed for a variety of other rescue scenarios.

For Wildfire incidents, the District maintains three smaller Type 6 fire engines.  Our personnel receive additional wildfire training to handle these very specialized fires.

In addition to the services provided by the Kiowa Fire District, we maintain active mutual aid agreements with neighboring agencies in Elbert County and the Denver Metro Region.  This allows us to request additional or specialized resources when needed in a timely and efficient manner.