Kiowa Fire Protection District

Kiowa Fire Protection District covers a 324 square mile area of north central Elbert County and is comprised of approximately 95% undeveloped land, 4% residential properties, and 1% commercial properties. The district runs to the the county line at County Road 194 on the North. The Eastern boundary is bordered by County Road 125, the Southern boundary is County Road 94, and the Western boundary is County Road 33.

Kiowa Fire Protection District has a population of approximately 3000 permanent residence with about two thirds of the population commuting out of county for work. The district is mainly comprised of rural agricultural lands with low density mixed value housing on lots ranging from three up to 35 acres. While the fire district is primary rural, it also encompasses a small downtown area of about half a square mile which includes single and multi-story commercial structures, small residential structures, a mobile home park, the Elbert County Justice Center, the Elbert County Administrative Building and the Elbert County Fairgrounds. It is anticipated that Elbert County will experience an annual growth of about 3.63% or an overall growth rate of 191.1% from 2000-2030. This is expected to exceed the growth rate of neighbor Douglas County.

Kiowa Fire District is covered by two fire stations. Station 221 is located at 403 County Road 45 in downtown Kiowa and Station 222 is located off of County Road 53 approximately 1.5 miles North of County Road 166. Additionally the Fire District maintains the Training Center just East of the Town of Kiowa on Highway 86!

Stage 1 Burn Restriction in Effect

Chief’s Message

Gerry Lamansky, Chief

On behalf of our firefighters, I would like to invite you to read our 2023 Annual Report.

The Kiowa Fire Protection District serves approximately 3000 residents within 324 square miles in Elbert County, Colorado and an additional 175 square miles of mutual aid response. We provide structural and wild land protection, Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services and Community Education. Our equipment, personnel, and training are specially adapted to the challenges of the rural area.

Our ISO Fire Protection rating of 3/3X/10 is one of the best in Elbert County.

The mission we have set for our organization is to provide the highest level of life and property safety through the prudent utilization of funds and community resources.

2023 continued the trend of a new record for the number of calls for service (580) and growth continues to fuel the need for these service calls. Call volume increased 9% from 2022 and the trend of a 9-15% increase each year, for the last decade, continued with the year 2023.

We are committed to provide quality service, organizational success, and individual excellence by each one of our members.

In addition to our ability to respond under all conditions, we are actively engaged in the community with Fire and Life Safety as one of our primary goals. The KFPD provides residents and businesses with a full range of programs and services, such as Community CPR, annual business inspections and annual fire hydrant testing. It is our goal to ensure all members of our community that their quality of life is safe and secure. Fire prevention is one of the keys to a safe community. The KFPD continues to implement a Public Education campaign encouraging the proper use of fireplaces, heaters, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Our membership is what makes our department so special. Over 25 volunteer and part-time staff, hundreds of hours of training, thousands of hours in shift work, state of the art equipment, and that “hometown” neighbor-helping-neighbor mindset is what we call our recipe for success. If you are interested in volunteering, working part-time or supporting KFPD, we’d like to hear from you. You may contact us at 303-621-2233, look us up at or visit our Fire Station #1 in the Town of Kiowa, Colorado.

With Respect,

Gerry Lamansky

Fire Chief